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The SL-5000 is a high-quality line cable that features the exceptional performance of PC-Triple C (Pure Copper ? Continuous Crystal Construction) conductors developed exclusively for audio applications. These conductors achieve their excellent electrical transmission properties and exceptional acoustic performance by way of SAECfs unique continuous-forge elongation process, which gradually stretches the copper crystals longitudinally and reduces their structural boundaries to the lowest levels possible in order to minimize disturbances in electrical signal transmission.
SAECfs close relationship with the factory, and sharing of the latest information and materials through each stage of the PC-Triple C conductorfs development and manufacture, helped ensure that this materialfs excellent electrical conduction characteristics would be best suited for use in such applications as high-end audio cables.
In the development of the SL-5000 cable, SAEC further advanced its thinking on cable construction, creating a dual-layer structure that takes into consideration eskin effectf with a single center conductor of PC-Triple C surrounded by an outer conductor of fine copper wire at the cablefs periphery. This configuration greatly enhances signal transmission characteristics, making the SL-5000 a esuper-referencef line cable capable of faithfully transmitting musical signals in unified timbre across the entire audio spectrum, from the lowest lows to the highest highs.
Conductor Dual-layer construction features a central single-core PC-Triple C conductor surrounded by a fine gauge wire peripheral outer conductor that achieves the electrical characteristics of high conductivity and ultra-low distortion for an enhanced signal-to-noise ratio and flatter characteristics over a wide frequency range.
Insulator Polyethylene foam dielectric infused with damping material reduces specific inductive capacitance and minimizes low-frequency losses.
Shielding Dual copper foil and copper braid shield provides complete protection against noise.
Sheath Polyethylene tubing encased in a carbon-impregnated polyurethane covering ensures stable signal transmission over the entire frequency spectrum.
Connectors SAEC-original high-rigidity collet chuck plugs feature specially gold-plated precision-machined phosphor bronze bodies enclosed in black-anodized duralumin plug covers.
Noise Suppressor Attached at the output end of each cable to eliminate the effects of vibration.
Cable Configuration Two-core twisted-pair
Conductor PC-Triple C
Conductor crosssectional area 0.75mm2
Insulator Polyethylene foam dielectric
Buffer Cotton fiber thread
Shielding Copper foil and copper braid
Sheath Halogen-free polyethylene
Covering Carbon-impregnated polyurethane braided tubing
Cable Diameter 9mm
Cable Lengths 0.7m / 1.2m / 1.5m
Cable Length
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